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Precision Nutrition Precision Dextrose - Rapid Glycogen Replenishment!

Precision Nutrition’s 100% Dextrose is a rapidly absorbing, very simple and pure carbohydrate product. Dextrose is by no means necessary for supplementation in every fitness journey protocol, but there are a significant number of persons, professional athletes or casual gym-goers whom could benefit from supplementing with Precision Nutrition Dextrose. To replenish muscle cells with energy-housing glycogen can take time through eating a mixed diet alone. Precision Nutrition looks at the best solution to solve this matter, with its 100% Dextrose. As a carbohydrate, Dextrose is specifically broken down to bypass a number of digestive processes, meaning it can reach the ‘storage’ level fastest. Once a person begins to deplete their muscle glycogen through physical activity, the faster that can be replenished, the sooner they can resolve this aspect of recovery and return to an optimal physical level.

Precision Nutrition Precision Dextrose:

  • Restores and replenishes muscle glycogen.
  • Assists in the energy provision for endurance.
  • Boosts overall performance.
  • Unflavoured so it can be suitably mixed with other supplementary products.

Precision Nutrition 100% Dextrose should be added as 1 scoop into water or your favourite beverage before, during or after a workout, depending on specific athletic, performance or nutrition needs. Dextrose can be combined with any of your other supplements you currently use, and may in fact encourage better uptake of these additional supplements, through its impact on inulin production.

Directions of Use:

  • Add 1 level scoop to 250ml chilled water or your favourite beverage.
  • Ideal consumptions times are prior to training, during training and after training, based on your athletic and nutrition requirements.

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