On arrival at the track

It can be very daunting when you arrive at the track for the first time and you may very easily forget things you have to do. Here is a bit of a checklist of getting ready to get on track.

  • Pay for practice at the office/Practice Hut or ensure you have pre-paid online.
  • Unload kart
  • Mix Fuel with Oil – Two Stroke karts only
  • Pour Fuel/Fuel Oil mix into Kart Fuel tank
  • Check all wheel nuts and hub bolts are tight 
  • Check tyre pressures
  • Lube chain
  • If required prime carburettor with fuel
  • Start the engine with the choke on if available
  • Turn choke off and warm up motor without allowing excessive idling
  • Dress in Race Gear
  • Proceed to the out grid and await your turn to go out
  • Re lube chain between each session

 On your first day, find some where to watch the practice for a few minutes before your first run so you get a basic idea of the layout of the track and the entry and exit points. 

Slick Tyres can be a bit slippery when they are cold so be a bit cautious on your first few turns until you get a feel for the kart.

Don’t worry about looking around for people coming behind you, it is very hard to keep a straight line while you are looking around so this will quite often make you swerve on the track. If you keep to you path and stick to the race line, then people will have more of an idea of your movements and will easily find a way around you if they are quicker.

Biggest thing to remember to do on your first day is Have Fun.