Motul Chain Paste C5 - 150ml

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Motul Chain Paste is a white lubricating paste with a brush applicator tip, specially formulated to lubricate all road motorcycle and kart chains of the standard type or O-Ring, X-Ring, or Z-Ring. Clean the chain well with Motul Chain Clean, then apply the paste taking care to spread it evenly over all of it using the brush applicator tip. A little quantity suffices to lubricate all the chain. Do not apply too thick a layer; spread evenly to achieve an approximately uniform 0,1 mm protective film. Motul Chain Paste adheres well to the chain, which avoids fling-off at high speed, offering low rolling resistance for more power. The product increases chain durability thanks to its excellent anti-wear properties, reducing friction, being resistant to water and salt, and protecting against rust. Practical, economical, and non-flammable, the compact Motul Chain Paste tube can be stored without risk under a motorcycle saddle. A 150 ml tube does about ten applications. - Reduces rolling friction and loss of power. - Improves transmission performance and increases chain service life. - Retains its lubricant properties at very high temperatures. - Water, salt and rust resistant, preventing corrosion. - Protects O-rings, X-rings and Z-rings. - Contains a solvent to eliminate old residue and to penetrate into the links. - Compatible with all types of chain. - Practical, cost effective, not cumbersome and non-flammable. - Easy to store under the seat of the bike. - One 150ml tube allows about 10 applications. - The chain must be cleaned with Motul Chain Clean prior to the use of Motul Chain Paste. - Apply the paste and spread it on the whole length of the chain using the brush tip applicator. - A small quantity of paste is enough to lubricate all the chain. Do not apply a thick layer of paste. - Spread the paste on the whole chain and especially the inner parts until there is a thin and homogenous layer. - Motul Chain Paste adheres completely after a few minutes.

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