Arrow Kart X6.1 Senior

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The Arrow X6.1 Senior Kart is an alternative chassis design to our standard X6 Senior Kart. Utilizing 2 rear bearings and a modified centre rail the 6.1 can offer better performance under certain conditions.

Like the X6.0, the X6.1 suits all Senior racing classes, as well as KA3 Junior and KA4 Junior Heavy.


  • 30/30mm chassis tubing
  • 1045mm wheelbase
  • DPE’s unique billet adjustable heel rest system, ensuring optimum comfort for all size drivers
  • Removable/adjustable front torsion bar available in three stiffnesses:
    Soft (supplied standard), Medium, Hard
  • Unique design camber/caster adjuster system, and adjustable front ride height
  • Stub axles available in two configurations:
    - 17mm with 8mm kingpin and magnesium wheel hubs (suits KA4 & KA3)
    - 25mm with 10mm kingpin and magnesium wheel hubs (suits all other classes)
  • Douglas SE black wheels
  • KG 507/508 bodywork with Arrow graphics kit
  • High grip steering wheel compatible with Alfano & Mychron units
  • Select any seat from DPE’s wide range to meet your exact needs
  • 50mm rear axle with 2 bearings
  • Self-adjusting radially mounted black anodised billet alloy brake caliper with floating disc.
  • Adjustable rear ride height
  • Enclosed chain guard
  • Flat top sliding engine mount system
  • One-piece rear bumper


Please note: Images used for illustrative purposes only, and there may be slight differences or changes to specifications or features.

All karts sold by DPE exclude seat to allow selection to meet your exact needs.

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Kart is a complete rolling chassis. Seat, tyres, engine, exhaust not included. Kart is delivered partially assembled. Seat must be fitted and bodywork installed. Engine and exhaust fitment must be performed or arranged by the customer. Tyres should only be fitted by a trained professional.

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