Karting Licences and Upgrades 

You have just got your licence and have been practicing, what next? Here is a rundown of what is required to upgrade from each class of licence and what classes you are then able to compete in. For a description of each class please have a look here. Beginner Classes, Performance Classes. (insert links)

8 Day Licence

There is an 8-day licence which carries the same privileges as an E grade Licence but only lasts for 8 days,
you can compete in 1 meeting after competing an ODS. You must always display a P plate when on track.

E&D to C Grade

Your first race licence you get will be classed is a D Class licence or an E class licence. An E class licence is only a practice licence and only allows you to compete in 1 race meeting a year after completing an ODS. The difference between E and D is purely what you apply for and purchase at the time, there is no performance upgrade criteria for E to D.
An E or D class licence requires you do display a P on the rear of your kart at all times while on track. While on a D class licence in competition you will start at the rear of the field in most races (some clubs who run qualifying do allow P platers to start from the position they qualified).
When you are entering a race meeting you must select the “ I want to be endorsed for D to C upgrade” on your entry, if you have done this and you complete at least 75% of the race meeting with no driving infringements against you then you will be endorsed for that meeting. On a D grade licence you will need four endorsements before you can apply for an upgrade to C grade.

C to B Grade

Once you are on a C grade licence you do not advance to any higher performance classes but you no longer need to
display a P on your kart and you do not have to start from the back of the field anymore.
For an upgrade to from C to B grade you need to now apply for an endorsement from C to B on each race entry.
As previous, if you finish more than 75% of the meeting and have no driving infringements for the meeting you will receive an endorsement, once you have six
endorsements you can then get to apply for a B grade licence.

B Grade

If you are a cadet driver not much changes in the classes you are allowed to compete in with a B grade licence, but having a B grade licence
as a junior allows you to start competing in performance classes such as KA3 Junior and Junior Max,
In seniors you can take the restrictor out for practicing and start competing in open and performance classes such as X30, Tag open, Rotax 125, DD2 and KZ2 (excluding some national divisions).

A Grade

There is no A grade licence upgrade for cadets.
In Junior class drivers, to qualify for an A grade licence you must have held a B grade licence and either finished top 3 in a State Championship in a Junior Class, or top 5 in a National Championship or National Series in a Junior Class.
This will enable you to run KA2 class
Senior drivers must have held a B grade licence and finished top 3 in a State Championship, or top 5 in a National Championship or National Series. This will enable you to run KA1, and all divisions of KZ2