Arrow X6.2 Senior

Please note that these setups are starting points only, and may need to be altered depending on track and weather conditions, and other variables. When adjusting the setup of your kart, it is best to make only one change at a time before testing the change.


Arrow Karts Seat Position Measurements

Driver <175cm: Flush with rail
Driver >175cm: 3mm below rail
LH03 tyres: 125mm
SVB/SVC tyres: 120mm



  Rear Crash Bar   Loose
  Rear Ride Height   KA3 Junior - Low
  KA3 Senior - Central
  SVB/SVC tyres - Central
  Rear Track   1395mm
  Rear Axle Type   KA3 Jnr & Snr - Kartech M
  SVB/SVC tyres - Kartech MH
  Rear Hub Length   -
  Front Crash Bar   Loose
  Front Ride Height   Central
  Front Track   20mm out
  Front Hub Length   -
  Caster   Neutral  (both lines forward)
  Ackerman   -
  Toe Overall   +1mm per side
  Camber Overall   -3mm per side
  Side Pod Bars   Loose
  Seat   Jecko Standard
  Seat Stays   KA3 Junior - 1 per side
  KA3 Senior - none
  Tyre Pressure   -
  Wheels   DWT SE