Kosmic Kart Rookie 950mm EVS


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The Kosmic Rookie provides all young kart drivers with the highest performance along with user friendly and adjustment of the kart

The frame of the Mini Rookie features many new innovations in both the materials used and chassis geometry, and also many components. The most evident change is the new adjustable footrest system, useful for adapting the driving position to the different driver's heights. The new pedal fixing system allows simple mounting of the rudder pedals, directly attached to the pedal supports welded to the frame, increasing the stiffness and safety.

The new Kosmic Rookie is equipped with the BSM5 model, already tested and proven to be at the top in terms of efficiency and performance, is equipped with a self-adjusting brake system. The self-ventilated brake disc is 160mm diameter and fed by braided brake lines.

Another feature of the Mini Rookie is the new M8 bodywork kit, developed in the wind tunnel and already proven with excellent results on senior category karts. The new number plate with high aerodynamic efficiency and the new front spoiler, higher than the one in the past, can undoubtedly make the difference in the performance.


  • Molybdenum chrome steel frame
  • 28mm diameter tubing
  • 950mm wheelbase
  • 30mm rear axle
  • BSM5 CIK-FIA homologated braking system
  • M8 CIK-FIA homologated bodywork
  • Aluminium machined components
  • Eccentric washers allowing the camber and caster adjustment
  • Alcantara steering wheel
  • 3 litre fuel tank.

All karts sold by DPE exclude seat to allow selection to meet your exact needs.
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Kart is a complete rolling chassis. Seat, tyres, engine, exhaust not included. Kart is delivered partially assembled. Seat must be fitted and bodywork installed. Engine and exhaust fitment must be performed or arranged by the customer. Tyres should only be fitted by a trained professional.


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