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New EOS Kart Brand

New EOS Kart Brand

We are proud to announce the launch of OTK Kart Group's new chassis brand - EOS Racing Kart. Quality, performance and a bold new look make this newborn brand stand out from he crowd. It is available in three chassis models to suit all categories, from Mini to KZ.

The design of the EOS kart graphics allow for placement of sponsor and other stickers while still retaining an individual look.

The brand, as with all the other brands of the OTK group located in Prevalle (Italy), shares the highest quality standards in terms of both manufacturing and performance. EOS continues the founding philosophy of the group’s products: “Designed, Engineered, Manufactured, 100% Made in OTK, Italy”.

The EMR model, featuring 30mm chassis tubing, is suitable for most senior and junior Australian racing classes, while the EMK, with 32mm chassis tubing suits senior classes including KF, KZ and Rotax DD2.

The Rookie chassis, developed for the European 60 Mini category, suits both Cadet 9 and Cadet 12 classes.

All new EOS kart models will be available in Australia in March. Contact DPE now to pre-order your EOS kart and be one of the first on the track with this bold new brand.

EOS Kart

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